Established in 2019, eStudent has strived to help students from our office located in Vancouver, Canada.

Our goal at eStudent isn’t to become the largest company in the world. Instead, we aim to be a study abroad platform that’s always there for international students around the world. Whether they are tired from studying at a college far from their home or need help learning a new language, eStudent and our team will always be there for them. We hope to be a company that becomes an umbrella when it rains,  that holds your hand when you fall, that walks by your side late at night, and a company that lends shoulder whenever you need it.

Through our Study Abroad Platform, you can enroll in educational institutions throughout North America (Canada, USA)  and Europe or study abroad through our web platform. Our goal as a start-up company is to easily handle overseas remittance (tuition), airfare, medical insurance (Travel insurance), etc. 

Our platform completely re-conceptualizes study abroad culture and will handle everything from comparing and selecting schools to registration, tuition remittance, airfare, and medical insurance all at once. Our new system has made it possible to provide Korean language counseling and support for online applicants through eStudent.

From our start in September 2019, we have faced many challenges, mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite restarting in 2022, (but by the end of next year), we have already reached partnership agreements with more than 500 global educational institutions around the world by the end of next year including language schools, vocational colleges, colleges, universities, and graduate schools. This means that you can easily and conveniently enroll in educational institutions all over the world. We will create a powerful Study Abroad O2O web Platform, leading the charge with warmth and passion. We have a dream and a passion to connect this platform with educational institutions all over the world.

The values that eStudent pursues are responsibility, which includes the capability to take charge and be accountable, equality, which recognizes and respects differences among individuals, and justice, which involves being mindful of the disadvantaged members of society. To do this we need your support.  We strive to do our best and we love you!

1.We are planning to establish a branch in Korea and register our business model (BM) and intellectual property (IP) in April 2023. We promise to meet our Korean customers soon.

2. eStudent has been approved as a Startup by AWS (Amazon Web Service) – Dec, 2022

Congratulations eStudent!  

Your AWS Activate credits have been issued, and you can now access exclusive offers, technical expertise, and tailored resources to grow your startup.

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