🌟Starbucks Giveaway with Kia Westgo TOP Sales Yoon Sung-wook Terry Yoon and eStudent🌟

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2024-03-21 12:50

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🌟Starbucks Giveaway with Kia Westgo TOP Sales Yoon Sung-wook Terry Yoon and eStudent🌟

🤝 Buy a reliable domestic car with a reliable dealer 🤝
🤝 More than 100 used cars at all times 🤝
🤝 A super-large store that takes only 5 minutes from Koreatown 🤝

🚗 KIA’s popular car model that Kia West Go is proud of

Semi-large electric SUVs, three-row large electric vehicles cheaper than conventional luxury cars
No. 1 in the SUV category at the “2024 North American Car of the Year” awards ceremony!

Leo, please
Now, this size is Kia’s only car, a small hatchback with good oil and good quality

Vehicles that receive constant attention and love in many brand competitions

A popular vehicle in North America, a box-type vehicle with a lot of space inside that is different from the outside. A car-class vehicle that shows high visibility, such as an SUV

Niro EV
400Km Uber/delivery/ long-distance vehicles on average for full charging, saving gas
Space for size, vehicles with good options!

Vehicles consistently loved for their space and design, with the top-selling model in the same class in Korea

If you pay a lot of attention to vehicle design and vehicle space, vehicles that maintain steady sales in Korea

A popular vehicle in Korea with 6-7 seats in seats that are not in other brands. Three rows of medium- and large-sized SUVs are available in trunks, but three rows of seats have the option to pick up more people

Large SUVs that have to wait in the U.S. have further increased the value of Kia’s brand

👏 Meet Kia’s popular cars, friendly service, reasonable prices and benefits 👏

🎊 How to participate 🎊
1. Follow @student777777 account!
2. I like your Instagram event post!
3. TAG your friend in the comments!
(If your friend also participates in the event, the probability of winning the event increases!)
☕10 Starbucks gift cards will be given to 10 people through a ️ lottery!🔥

📍You can participate in the comment event once a day.
⏰Comment deadline is April 3rd.
✨The winner will be announced on April 4th.

❤️We ask for your interest and participation❤️

🇨🇦 We believe that Korean companies are partners who need to grow together, and we are competing in good faith with local Canadian companies. We produce and promote advertisements for free for the growth of Korean business, so please apply for the Korean company you want. 🇨🇦

– Please understand that this schedule may vary depending on internal circumstances.
– Please note that the details of the event may be partially changed depending on internal circumstances or internal selection criteria.
– There may be restrictions on household accounts to participate in the event.
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